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3 Things to do After Closing Escrow

The home-buying process is legally complete at escrow closing. However, there are some important things for you to take care of as soon as possible. If you made an agreement with the former owners for their continued occupancy, you will need to wait to make these changes. Otherwise, these items should be at the top of your list.

Visit the Hardware Store

You need to change all of the locks on your new home, including any for the garage or storage shed. You really do not know how many old keys are in circulation. Protect yourself and your property with new locks.

Change Your Utilities

You want electricity and water service available as you move in, or even before for cleaning. It may take a day or two to set up new service, get it done quickly. Do not forget to shut off you old services, but allow yourself enough time to move out and finish cleaning.

Create Warranty Reminders

If you received a home warranty, make sure you have the company’s contact number and information about what is covered. Mark a calendar with the warranty end date and inspect your home before the coverage ends. This also applies to any termite warranty. Know when your coverage ends and have an inspection performed before it expires.

Escrow closing and the home-buying process are exciting and confusing. At Brighton Escrow, we are ready to help you, even after your escrow has closed. Contact us today for your Hermosa Beach real estate needs.

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