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6 D.I.Y. savers for your toolbox

When it comes to house buying, especially for those who see a lot of DIY projects that will make a potential home a lot more enjoyable for you and your family, one thing you may want to make sure you have before you sign the escrow papers is a well stocked toolbox. Granted, buying a home will guarantee you have DIY projects (or, at least for the guys, “honey-do” projects!) and having the right tools will help. Of course, you’ll have hammers and saws and screwdrivers, but a few specialty tools will definitely save you time, hassles and headaches.

Here are 6 tools no self-respecting DIY’er should live without:

1. Extendible Magnet – That screw or that nut or that bolt or that nail WILL go to where you can’t reach it. A magnet is a definite must.

2. Soldering Iron and Solder – It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to use one at least well enough to be a child’s hero when a wire breaks on their favorite battery operated toy.

3. Monkey Wrench – There are times when drain cleaners just won’t cut it. Being able to spend 10 minutes removing a trap and clearing a drain can save a weekend (and a plumbing bill!).

4. Vice-grips – If you do DIY projects, you know full well 2 hands just isn’t enough. Vice grips can save the day.

5. Set of Solid Shaft Phillips Head, Flat Head and Torx Screwdrivers – You may have these already, but there are times the screwdrivers with the removable tip will not fit in the hole. A solid shaft screwdriver will.

6. Self-ranging Voltmeter – Test batteries, wall sockets and other electric and electrical devices. This can save you a call to an electrician or at least let you know that the batteries are dead instead of the toy.

Having the right tools for the job saves a lot of time, and definitely reduces stress levels. When house buying, having the right tool for the job, or the right financial companies to help you secure that perfect home is essential to saving time and headaches as well. If you’re in the Hermosa Beach, CA area, then the people you want to call is Brighton Escrow. They’ll help clear your path so buying your new home is a breeze!

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