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Avoiding Delays in the closing of escrow

Buying a home doesn’t happen overnight, but instead, you have to go through the escrow process to complete the sale. You may even have a deadline when you have to be out of your current housing, which makes it especially important to close escrow on time. A number of delays can come up in the closing process, but you can prevent most of them by following a few best practices.

  • Stay in touch with your mortgage lender and submit all required documentation as soon as possible so the lender is ready to wire the money by the closing date.
  • Ask to see copies of paperwork from the escrow company in advance of closing. Review all the documents for errors and have these corrected before the closing date.
  • Get your homeowner’s insurance policy set before the closing date. You must have insurance when you take ownership of the property.

Your escrow company plays an important role in gathering paperwork and communicating about potential snags with you so you have time to work them out before closing. Get in touch with Brighton Escrow today for experienced help closing on your new South Bay home.

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