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Tips To Close Escrow With Ease!

Closing escrow is one of the last steps you must take before getting the keys to your house. Having this go smoothly can help to ease your transition. Here are some tips to make sure your closing is as painless and as simple as possible.

Bring identification: You probably have your driver’s license on you at all times, but when closing on a house, a notary might require a second form of identification. Make sure you have multiple forms of ID when you show up at the closing, just in case.

Bring your checkbook. It is common for last minute expenses to pop up at the closing even though escrow usually aims to have all this done ahead of time. A lot of these last minute costs are the buyers responsibility, so make sure you are armed with your checkbook in case new expenses are revealed.

Utilities. When you move into a new home, making sure the utilities are running and setting up things like cable service is up to you. Having the names and numbers of the utility companies can make transferring the utilities into your name a seamless transition. Calling each company in advance can help you to make sure your service starts when you need it to.

Make copies of paperwork. This includes copies of all the things you have paid for so far in the escrow process. Closing dates are not set in stone and if your closing gets pushed back, the amount of interest you pay on closing will change. Having the original documentation can help you in case questions come up, or if there are discrepancies between payments.

HUD Statement. Do not leave your closing without a copy of this document, which is important for tax purposes. It provides a breakdown of closing costs, many of which are tax deductible.

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