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You Closed Escrow: Now What?

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What You Should Expect After Closing

Closing escrow is one of the most satisfying feelings adult Americans can have. You have completed the real estate transaction and achieved your goal, and are now ready to enjoy your new life post-sale or purchase. After escrow closes, though, there are a few things you should do so you can fully enjoy your next season.


If you sold your home, make sure that you keep the documents from your escrow transaction in a place where you will be easily able to access them, since you will need them for your tax return. If you have funds that were held after closing, connect with your escrow officer to ensure the timely arrival of that proceeds check.


If you do not receive the Policy of Title, which shows that the property is in your name and does not have any liens, within 90 days of closing escrow, contact your escrow officer to receive it right away. Make sure that you securely file all closing documents so you can access them when you file your taxes. Follow up with your mortgage lender to ensure you have the proper payment information before your first payment is due. If your new property is part of a Homeowners Association, make sure that you have the information you need to pay those dues on time.

After closing, you get to breathe a sigh of satisfied relief. You have either sold your home for a comfortable profit, or have received the keys to your next home. So you can easily get to this place, contact Brighton Escrow in Hermosa Beach, California. We are here to handle all of your escrow services so you can close quickly and easily.

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