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Face These Common Home Buying Fears


Learn how you can conquer your biggest home buying fears.

Buying a home is a huge investment, and it’s completely natural to be a little apprehensive about the transaction.  However, your fear should not deter you from finding the home of your dreams.  If you want to overcome your anxiety, here’s how you can deal with these common home buying fears.

  • Fear that the home has serious structural issues.

When it comes to buying a home, there will always be some kind of repairs to make.  However, potential buyers fear the inspection because they are worried that their dream home might have serious issues such as dry rot, a leaky roof, or a cracked foundation.  However, it’s important to remember that the inspector’s findings are informational in nature.  Oftentimes, the issues they identify do not have to be addressed immediately.  Make sure you ask the inspector how serious the issues are and how long they can go without being addressed.  If the issues need immediate attention, speak to the seller and see if they will make the repair or credit you for the repair after you close.

  • Fear that they’ll lose the home.

If you find your perfect home, you’ll need to move quickly.  In competitive markets, many homes sell before an interested buyer even has a chance to speak to their agent.  If you see a new listing in your area, book an appointment and try to see the home as soon as possible.  Also find out how many offers the seller has already received.  If there aren’t any offers, the seller will be more inclined to accept a relatively good offer.  If there are already a lot of offers on the table, don’t put all your hopes on this particular home.  Continue to keep your eye on new properties as your offer is being considered.

  • Fear that their agent isn’t on their side.

Finally, many buyers fear that their agent does not have their best interests in mind.  If you suspect that your agent doesn’t have the right motivations or isn’t on the same page as you, consider switching agents.  The relationship between buyer and agent should be one built on trust and mutual understanding.  If doubt is hindering your ability to trust your agent, this is a sign that you need to seek out a new one.

These tips will help you address the most common home buying fears.  Another common fear?  Not understanding how the escrow process works.  Luckily, having the right real estate professionals by your side can take all the stress out of this process.  If you are looking to buy or sell in the Hermosa Beach area, then turn to the trustworthy team at Brighton Escrow.  Our friendly team will ensure that you get the dedicated, top-tier escrow service you deserve.  Contact us to get started today.