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File Your Home Insurance Claim in 8 Steps


If your home or belongings are damaged in any way, you will want to file a claim with your insurance agent. It’s easier to file a claim than you might think. The following eight steps will allow you to get the process started.

File a Police Report (If Needed)

Depending on what type of damage your home receives, you may need to file a police report. This will document the damage in a legal fashion and allow you to move forward with your claim without dealing with a lot of additional red tape. Your insurance agent will need a copy of the police report if one is filed.

Call Your Insurance Agent

As soon as you finish with the police, you must contact your insurance agent immediately. It will be up to your insurance agent to start the claims process. Once you have all of the paperwork ready, it will be up to you to keep the process moving forward. Again depending on what type of damage, there are pros and cons for filing insurance claims; thus be prepared to ask your Insurance agent for detailed explanations of how filing a claim works and any present or future outcome.

Fill out the Claim Forms

The next step is to fill out the claim forms. You will need to answer all of the questions as honestly as possible. As soon as you have filled out all of the paperwork, you will need to turn it into your insurance agent. It’s also essential that you include all of the documentation you have collected.

Document, Document, Document!!

In order to fully substantiate your claim, you will need to fully document all of the damages. You can use a video recorder or camera to capture all of the damage visually. It’s also a good idea to write as many detailed notes as possible to describe what may not be visible to the camera.

Make Temporary Repairs and Secure the Property

The claims process may take a little time. You will need to make temporary repairs and secure your property to prevent any future damage. You may have to purchase tarps and plywood to cover large holes or simply block the entrances to ensure your home isn’t vandalized or damaged any further.

Meet with the Adjuster

You must schedule an appointment with an adjuster to look at your property. They will be able to assess the damages and work with your insurance agent to determine the value of your claim. The adjuster may ask you several questions. You will need to be as honest with your answers.

Get Quotes

As soon as the adjuster leaves, you should start gathering quotes from multiple contractors. You will want to have several quotes to ensure that you have an accurate estimate to compare to the amount the insurance company offers you to settle your claim.

Collect the Check and Make the Repairs

Once you have reached a settlement with your insurance company and they cut you a check, you will need to hire the contractors you have chosen. Making the necessary repairs and having your insurance agent adjust your policy is the final step.

Have questions about the claims process? Contact our professionals here at Brighton Escrow, Inc. Our agents have years of experience and will make sure the claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

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