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Minimize Hassle & Waste With These Green Moving Tips

Green Moving Tips

Going Green During Your Move

You probably remember that satisfied feeling that comes with unpacking your last box from your last move. The problem is that once all of your boxes are unpacked, you still cannot fully relax in your home because it is filled with all of the cardboard, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other materials from your move.

The good news is that by going green on your next move, you not only reduce your waste but you also reduce the hassle of dealing with all of your leftover moving materials. Here are a few green moving tips to help!

  • Detox Beforehand: Do you really need to move those jeans you have not worn for three years, that tchotchke no one in your family particularly likes, or that beat up old couch everyone avoids sitting on? No! Take the time to clean out the clutter of your home before you move, and you minimize the amount of moving materials you will need (and the time you will have to spend unpacking!).
  • Choose The Right Movers: You will have a lot to worry about on moving day. Why not get a team of green experts to help you reduce your carbon footprint on what is sure to be a hectic day? Check out what your movers are doing to go green before you hire them.
  • Get Creative: Instead of using packing materials you will recycle later, why not use ones that create no waste? Use bedding and clothes as padding, luggage and tote bags for hauling your belongings, and Tupperware to organize your smaller items in transit.

Before you can use any of these tips, you need to close on your house. We are here to help! For all of your escrow needs in Hermosa Beach and the surrounding California area, contact Brighton Escrow today. We know that closing can be one of the most complicated parts of the home buying process and are here to lend our support and expertise to you!

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