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Heart Healthy Habits

Heart Healthy Habits to Prevent Heart Disease

Prevent Cardiovascular Disease With These Lifestyle Choices

You likely connect February with hearts in your mind, but did you know that the American Heart Association has declared this month American Heart Month? They have given the month this title in an effort to raise awareness that cardiovascular disease—the top killer of both men and women in the United States—is largely preventable with healthy lifestyle choices. To help you keep your ticker going strong, use these heart healthy tips.

  • Stop Smoking: Smoking and heart disease are directly linked, so it is important to stop smoking as quickly as possible. Did you know there are 4,000 chemical compounds in that cigarette, and studies have shown that over 250 of them are bad for your health? Spending just one year smoke-free will cut your risk for heart disease and stroke in half!
  • Eat Healthy: The American Heart Association has released new guidelines for eating to get the nourishment your body needs while skipping the bad stuff. They advise to have the bulk of your diet made up by fruits, vegetables, poultry, nuts, fish, dairy, and whole grains. They say to pass on high-sodium foods, processed foods, and red meat.
  • Get Moving: Getting the exercise you need does not mean you have to suffer on the treadmill. Choose an activity you will actually enjoy (even walking counts) and do it for thirty minutes a day. You will be serving your heart, but you will also feel less stressed and more energized.

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