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How the Internet Has Helped Home Buying and Selling

The internet has definitely influenced real estate buying and selling. Many years ago, buyers would rely on viewing listings in their local newspaper classified sections. Multiple Listing Service was a conglomerate of listings printed into a booklet that was available at local markets and laundromats.

Selling a home required perusing the telephone book for the most prominent ads for a real estate agent or firm. The newspaper classifieds that had the most homes listed for sale by a real estate firm was probably a good place for the seller to list. Friends and neighbors would recommend their agent.

Nowadays with the internet, buyers can search hundreds of listings through real estate firms or MLS services practically anywhere in the world. Not only are there multiple photos, there are video tours. Satellite maps show the whole area of interest. Qualifying is done online. It is possible to place bids online.

Sellers can research the qualities of possible real estate agents through internet connections. Signing the listing papers, posting photos and videos and setting up showings via email are tasks done via the internet.

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