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Money-Saving Tips for Moving on a Budget


Learn how you can move without breaking the bank.

When you are moving to a new home, the expenses can add up faster than you ever imagined.  The financial strain is often one of the major reasons why moving is so stressful.  If you are trying to move on a budget, check out these tips to save yourself some money and stress.

  • Sell Old Belongings

One way to save some money before your move is by selling or donating items that you no longer want or need.  As you start to pack up your belongings, sort out the things that you never use or that you no longer want.  Then, make an effort to sell these items to make a profit.  Even if you are unable to sell, get rid of these old belongings by donating whatever items you can, and simply throwing away the rest.  The fewer things you bring to your new home, the cheaper your moving costs will be.

  • Wait Before You Buy

Many new homeowners get a little bit too excited when it comes to buying things for their new home.  While you will probably need some essentials, do your best not to overbuy.  Wait until you are fully moved into your new place before deciding to make major home purchases.  You might find that the brand-new couch you have in your cart isn’t really an essential purchase.

  • Recruit Your Friends and Family

Finally, one of the best ways to save money on moving costs is by relying on your friends and family rather than a professional moving company.  This solution really only works if you are moving locally.  However, if this is the case for you, then many of your boxes and other belongings can be transported to your new home with the help of friends.  While you might have to call in the professionals to move bigger items, the less they have to move, the cheaper your moving expenses will be.

Try out these tips to help you save money as you move.  Want another way to ease the financial stress of buying a new home?  Make sure you have a team of real-estate financing experts that you can trust.  To find the best escrow professionals in Hermosa Beach, California, contact the team at Brighton Escrow.  We are ready to assist you with all your real-estate financing needs.