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The Pot of Gold… …at the End of the Rainbow

potofgoldAs seen on American Escrow Association:  

Purple represents the buyers looking to reach their dream by achieving their objective of finding the perfect property to call a home.

Blue characterizes the sellers with their goal of moving to the next stage of their life using the equity by virtue of current achievements.

Green are the lenders who provide the currency and mortgages via credit guidelines to prospective homeowners in their endeavors in
their endeavors.

Yellow denotes the Realtors whose expertise supply the assets of brick and mortar options for the home that individuals are seeking.

Orange embodies the agencies who are the silent participants. The clerk and recorders, treasurers, associations, Municipalities, courts, IRS,
state departments, appraisers, surveyors and creditors who depend on these transactions for the maintenance of their official obligations.

Red symbolizes the Settlement Agent who holds each and every transaction together to it’s finalization and successful completion.

Our position throughout this industry has always been to sustain the process of the transfer of real estate and refinancing for all the parties to a transaction, the achievement of the inevitable real estate POT OF GOLD.

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