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Practical Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection


If you plan on selling your home, you’ll have a big advantage when you understand what to do before a home inspection. It could make a difference in how quickly you find a buyer since part of home shopping involves an analysis of the home’s condition. Here are essential tips on how to prepare for the home inspection.

1. Invest in Home Repairs

Before you prepare for home inspections, you should do a self-evaluation of what immediately needs repair. Leaks in the roof or pipes are crucial and must be fixed before putting your house on sale. It’s imperative to make sure all your wiring is safe and works properly. You will attract greater interest from prospects if the home is free of immediate maintenance issues.

2. Clean up Your Property

The next step in how to prepare for home inspection involves cleaning your property so that it’s visually presentable in photos. You should take multiple shots of the exterior and interior once it’s in a marketable condition. Removing unnecessary clutter and presenting a clean appearance will let the home inspector know that you care about your property. Any type of mess can raise questions of neglect.

Be sure to rake up leaves in both the front and back yard to show you don’t allow moisture and mold to build up. Clear away any tree branches or debris and pay attention to landscaping details.

3. Organize Maintenance Files

The home inspector will likely ask to review maintenance documents to see what type of work has been done on your home’s structure and appliances. Taking this part professionally will give the inspector the impression you are serious about selling your home and not just testing the market. So create a nice neat file of your paperwork on repairs. The more thorough this file is, the better.

4. Keep Electricity Available

Your utilities should remain on through the inspection and even while the home is on sale. If the inspector can’t test appliances or water flow, it will hinder the report as incomplete. All lights should be working properly to provide adequate visibility for inspection. Electrical sockets should not be loose or look damaged.

5. Make the Inspector’s Job Easy

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you prepare for a home inspection is to make the inspector’s job as easy as possible. That means he or she should have complete access to any part of the home, including the attic or basement. If something is locked up, it creates the impression you have something to hide. So be sure to provide keys for all locks.

Allowing the inspector to conduct the evaluation independently shows you want the results to be fair and honest. In that sense, there’s an advantage to staying away from home during the inspection. Let the inspector have a phone number if they need to reach you. Remember to keep dogs or other pets in a secure place where they don’t interfere with the work.

Knowing what to do before a home inspection will help you sell your property faster. For assistance with selling your home in Southern California, contact the experts at Brighton Escrow. We are ready to provide you with exceptional escrow service.