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Real Estate Transaction Blunders To Avoid!

Real Estate Transaction Hermosa Beach

When preparing to start your home search, there are a number of real estate blunders that you should do your best to avoid! Here at Brighton Escrow, we do not want you to make any mistakes that would hinder the closing escrow process. Therefore, we have compiled a list of a few things to look out for:

  • Make sure the seller is the actual owner of the property! If the seller does not have legal authority to sell, there is nothing you can do. Take a few moments to search the web for information regarding the legal owner of the home.
  • When the real estate agreement is drawn up, it is important that the property is correctly described. If there are mistakes in the description, you may not legally own your entire home after the transaction.
  • Some homes are zoned only for single families. If you are not a single family, you may not be allowed to live on the property. Knowledge of zoning information is your right as a buyer! Make sure the seller gives you adequate and correct information.
  • Both parties must agree upon any changes to the real estate agreement.
  • Every piece of information must be documented in writing! This can prevent numerous legal battles regarding he said-she said type arguments between the buyer and the seller. Take the time to write everything down.
  • Make sure that the real estate agreement clearly states what the seller is allowed to take away from the home. This will prevent you from disappointment if you do not get to keep a home accessory, or appliance that you thought you would.

If you would like more information regarding real estate transactions, or assistance with escrow, please contact Brighton Escrow, located in Hermosa Beach! There are a number of ways we can assist you including preparing deeds, prorating taxes, receiving purchase funds from buyers, or preparing escrow instructions! Allow us to save you some time, and assist you with escrow, today!

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