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Small Balcony Ideas – How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space


Apartments with small balconies have many possibilities for outdoor decor to maximize limited space. Creativity can make small balconies look more attractive using a variety of methods, from lights to weatherproof art. Here are some ideas to get started on making your outdoor balcony look more picturesque.

Visualize Your Ideal Balcony Space

If you are moving into a small apartment, it’s clear you’re not looking for anything fancy. But you can still make the best of your environment by visualizing in your mind the type of balcony you’d like to see physically. To help visualize the possibilities, consider looking at computer-assisted design (CAD) software used by architects. Think of the advantages small balconies bring, such as providing a peaceful setting to get work done on a laptop.

Save Space and Ensure Maximum Space Utilization

One of the most top-of-mind projects for people moving into small apartments is to find ways to save space to store as many belongings as possible. Consider if any of your furniture, such as tables and chairs, can be used for your outdoor balcony. Ideally, anything you use for outdoor furniture is weatherproof or at least covered for protection against environmental elements.

Opt for Vertical Storage Methods

Another way to build upon a balcony setting is to plan methods of vertical storage. Stacking plants vertically is an excellent way to project natural green imagery and grow a modern garden. Other ways to go vertical include hanging lights, installing multiple shelves, and stacking other forms of storage.

Use the Balcony Floor and Railings Judiciously

Apartment balcony floors are often overlooked as extensions of living spaces. Adding an artistic rug adds comfort to the atmosphere. Rugs made of artificial grass provide an added relaxing ambiance. Outdoor railings help with both functionality and decor. Rails can be used for hanging pots, mounting modular shelves, or other items.

Experiment with Different Lighting Concepts

LED lights can now be used for many purposes, including adding colorful or bright lighting to an outdoor space. Using a string of lights is still a popular way to convey a casual or elegant outdoor nightlife experience. Soft lighting is used for relaxing atmospheres, while bright lights help boost the energy level of a small gathering.

A Safe Space to Host Small Gatherings

Many small apartment renters often think of their rental space as off-limits for parties, but you can still enjoy a small gathering of a few people. Setting up a small bar with tunes playing from a laptop can be more worthwhile and safer with friends than going to a public bar where things may get out of control.

Developing small balcony ideas for an apartment helps add interesting ambiance and psychology to the scenery. Adopting values for sustainability and minimalism can help unleash many more creative ideas that go along with simple living.

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