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Making The Most Of Spring Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

How To Maintain Your Home In This New Season

When the spring season rolls around, you probably break out your cleaning supplies and get ready to tackle some deep cleaning. The dust should not be the only thing you address, though. Spring is the perfect time for home maintenance, making sure you stay on top of the responsibilities of homeownership. Here are a few spring home maintenance tips from a certified home inspector.

  • Check your gutters. Not only should you clear them of debris, you should also check for any that may be pulling away from your house or leaking. It would be a shame for spring rainstorms to improperly drain, causing water damage to your home. To best handle April showers, give your gutters a good going over.
  • Take a screwdriver around your house and use it to test the trim around your doors and windows. If there are any places where your trim is loose, repair it now so that your wood will not be exposed to spring rains.
  • Fill any low areas in your yard with compacted soil. This will allow for proper drainage, preventing flooding in your yard. This will also ensure the standing water in your yard does not become a breeding ground for pesky insects.
  • Check the concrete slabs throughout your house. Evaluate if there has been any movement, and note any new cracks. If the cracks grow, that could be an indicator of a larger issue that is better to catch early.

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