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Staging Your Home To Sell In The Fall Season

Staging Your Home To Sell Hermosa Beach CA

Use the fall season in your home staging so it will sell!

Fall is here, bringing lower temperatures and fewer hours of daylight. As a result, people are ready to get cozied up at home. If, however, they aren’t satisfied with their current houses, they’ll be on the hunt for the perfect home before the holiday season gets in full swing.

As a seller, this is your opportunity! Take advantage of the fall season with these staging tips that will help your home sell.

  • Care For Your Yard. It’s fairly easy to keep a beautiful yard in the summer, but it becomes more of a hassle in the fall. Don’t let your effort slide, though! Keep your curb appeal up by raking your yard, adding pumpkins and colorful flowers to your front porch, and laying fresh mulch as needed.
  • Welcome Them In. You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves cozy and comfortable in your home; make it easy for them! Put plush throws on your couches, light fall-scented candles, stack clean firewood by your fireplace, and use pops of fall’s warm colors throughout your home.
  • Moderate Yourself. It’s all too easy to go crazy with your decorating, putting pumpkins, leaf-based decor, etc. everywhere, but don’t! The goal is for your buyers to be able to envision themselves in your home in every season, not just the fall. Before you get too carried away, make sure your house—not just your décor—shines through.

We hope these tips help you find your buyer this fall! When you do, don’t hesitate to contact Brighton Escrow. We can make your closing process quick and easy, leveraging our expert escrow services to serve you. Whether you’re selling your home in Hermosa Beach or one of the neighboring California cities, let us handle your escrow needs during closing this fall.

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