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Summer Real Estate Trends Buyers Need to Know

Summer Real Estate Trends Buyers Need to Know

If you’re planning to buy a home this summer, be advised of these real estate trends.

Summer is heating up! We’re not just talking about temperatures, either. During the summer months, the real estate market picks up considerably. The kids have a looser schedule, spring growth has yards looking their best, and people are finally ready to sell. If you’re planning to take advantage of the uptick in market activity by buying this summer, you should know about these seasonal real estate trends.

  • More inventory. For all the reasons we mentioned above, people love to list their houses during the summer months. That’s good news for you because it means you’ll have more options and a greater likelihood of finding your dream home. It’s also good news for the overall health of the market because inventory has been tight ever since the recession.
  • More competition. That being said, it’s not all daisies and roses when it comes to summer buying. You’re not the only one planning to take advantage of the hotter months and the hotter market. Expect to face plenty of competition out there. Be ready to sweeten your offer or even get into a bidding war.
  • More attractive listings. Homes generally look their best during the summer. This is a pro and con of buying right now. Pro: you’ll see the home in top shape, with all of its potential on display. Con: it might be hard to imagine how the property will look in the winter. Don’t be afraid to ask the buyer how much light comes in that window near a tree in December, or how landscaping fares during the colder months.

Clearly, the summer real estate market moves fast. And that can be a good thing! Don’t let escrow stand between you and the keys to your new home. To get escrow services that work with your summer buying timelines, contact Brighton Escrow in Hermosa Beach, California today.

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