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Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving on a Smaller Scale This Year


Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday that brings family and friends together from near and far away. But in 2020, many people have had to rethink travel plans and how they spend the holiday leading into the Christmas season. Social distancing has changed everything in terms of how people dine together and socialize. This means altering your traditional Thanksgiving celebration ways and opting for safer ones. Here are a few small Thanksgiving dinner ideas to consider for making the best of a year in crisis.

Present a Limited Menu

Celebrating Thanksgiving on a smaller scale is the key to enjoy the holiday and show loved ones you care about them this year. You may have noticed buffets in your town have fewer choices as a precaution to reduce the chances of spreading the coronavirus. It’s actually unnecessary to have large spreads of food in the first place since Thanksgiving is not generally supposed to be about self-indulgence.

All you need on your menu are five essential items, such as the main dish, a few sides, and maybe a few dessert choices. Following this small Thanksgiving dinner concept will not only remind people to be thankful for what they have got but will allow you to save money. You never know how tight the economy will be in the coming year.

Ask Guests to Bring Their Food

One of the simplest ways to celebrate Thanksgiving safely is to throw a small potluck brunch, lunch, or dinner. You’ll save even more money on expenses if each trusted member of your small group brings their preferred food item, which can be shared with others as long as you’re sure they keep updated safety guidelines in mind. It will save you time from preparing food and focus more on other things like entertainment. For best results, try to assign specific food requests to each individual.

Innovative Turkey Ideas

Keeping in mind the limited number of guests and possibly a limited budget, try innovative turkey ideas like purchasing sliced turkey or ham, buying turkey breasts that can be spiced up. This will save your time, money, and reduce your cooking efforts.

Think Outside the Box

Since 2020 is an odd year anyway, guests will understand if you break the typical traditions this time. Use your creativity to think of different Thanksgiving celebration ways that are pleasant and memorable, while adhering to safety. You may want to order boxed food from a restaurant, for example, or offer a refreshing brunch instead of an extravagant dinner. You can have easy-to-make items in your menu, like French toast, bacon, sausage, etc.

Another idea is to plan a picnic at a park with unique dessert tables. If you live near a nice park that’s open to the public, it can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, provided the weather is nice. Parks are ideal places for people to have fun while practicing social distancing, such as throwing Frisbees.

But who says you need exceptional food in the first place for people in your closest circle to have a good time? You can bill the event as a “Thanksgiving After-Party” over the weekend following the holiday as an alternative to the highly commercialized frenzy surrounding Black Friday. Maybe all you need to provide at such an intimate gathering are beverages and hors d’oeuvres. It goes along with the growing interest in minimalism and conservation the pandemic has triggered around the world.

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