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Tips for Real Estate Prospecting in the Digital Age


The pandemic transformed the real estate industry to become more digital. The early 2020s called for social distancing, so realtors turned to virtual technology and other digital solutions to showcase properties for sale. Here are helpful prospecting tips to use in this new digital age.

Staying in Touch Digitally with Clients

One of the best tips for real estate professionals is to stay in touch with their previous clients through email or other digital channels. While the average duration for homeowners to stay in one place is about 13 years, certain groups move around more often. Millennials, for example, are more likely to move after 4 or 5 years.
A good way to stay connected with past clients is through a customer relationship management (CRM) software platform that allows you to build profiles of each individual. Another effective idea is to set up an email drip campaign, which involves automating a series of pre-written messages to clients.

Customized Social Media Ad Targeting

Social media has become a common way to engage with clients digitally and scout for leads. Even though Facebook’s organic reach is not as strong as it once was, the platform still provides powerful tools for customizing ads to reach a targeted audience. You can reach specific market segments via Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks.
Learning how to use Facebook Ads Manager will give you tools to reach prospects based on location, demographics, income levels, and ready-to-buy home shoppers. Instagram is just as useful because, like Facebook, it allows you to post pictures of your homes for sale. The more you experiment with pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to determine what type of content works, the faster you’ll be able to generate new leads.

Invest Time in Digital Content

At the foundation of digital marketing, content is still king. It’s what attracts visitors to websites based on keywords. The key to making content work for your website is to showcase unique content while using popular descriptive words. You don’t want to mirror the content of real estate competitors because Google and other search engines penalize generic content while rewarding unique content.
There are many ways to create original content to make your website stand out. Giving your own take on the real estate market in a video or blog is one way to give your content more personal appeal and industry expertise. Video walkthroughs of the homes you are trying to sell help stimulate responses from serious prospects.
The most advanced realtors are using panoramic views to showcase their properties. You can also gain a competitive edge by investing in smart technology, which includes AI, automation, and real-time analytics. It’s important to look into this technology to stay ahead of the curve.


Realtors are adopting new digital technology to promote the homes they sell to online buyers. Use these tips on digital transformation to refine your target marketing. Contact our agents at Brighton Escrow, Inc. for more real estate prospecting tips.

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