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What to Expect During a Home Inspection

Many real estate experts advise homebuyers against waiving a home inspection, because they verify the soundness of the building. A home inspection should be mentioned in any home-sale contract, along with escrow, the closing date and other pertinent details. In the home-inspection clause, the party that will pay for the inspection, which can cost between $200 and $400, will be specified.

Depending on a home’s condition, age and location, a home inspector might suggest additional tests. Every home inspection, though, will include the following components:

  • A foundation check, which assesses the structural soundness of the foundation
  • An assessment of the quality of the home’s overall construction
  • An appraisal of the home’s exterior, noting any major repairs or maintenance
  • A water-meter test, which checks for leaks in the plumbing
  • An electrical assessment, looking for dangerous setups and code violations
  • A heating and cooling check, which tests the home’s central heat and air conditioning
  • Measurements of the floors and doorways, to see if rooms are level and right angles are 90 degrees
  • Individual room inspections, as appropriate
  • Similar assessments of any other structures on the property
  • A roof appraisal, which should include an expected life span of the roof

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