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Affordable Home Improvements that Look Expensive


Try out these inexpensive fixes that can boost your home’s value.

Want to increase the value of your home, but don’t want to spend too much doing it? Luckily, there are many affordable home improvements that can really improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Try making some of these easy adjustments that only look expensive.

Refinish Your Cabinets

Kitchen upgrades are always a great way to boost your home’s value. However, if you don’t have the budget to completely revamp your kitchen, focus on refinishing your kitchen cabinets. By re-staining or painting your cabinets, you can breathe new life into your kitchen and give it a fresh, modern look. You should also consider changing the hardware on your cabinets and kitchen drawers to dress up your kitchen space.

Upgrade Your Countertops

While granite and marble countertops are a great addition to your kitchen, this is an expensive upgrade to make. Luckily, there is a more affordable option that is coming into vogue. Concrete countertops are the new and (thankfully) extremely affordable trend that is taking the interior design world by storm. If you do choose to go the concrete route with your kitchen, just make sure that you work with a contractor who has experience with installing these types of countertops.

Landscape Your Yard

Finally, focusing on landscaping can really improve your home’s curb appeal and give potential-buyers a great impression of your home. By trimming overgrown bushes, tidying up your lawn, and planting bright flowers, you can give your home a warm and inviting feel for very little money.

Try out some of these inexpensive suggestions to boost your home’s value.  Are you looking to sell your home in the Hermosa Beach area?  Then make sure you are getting the dedicated service and top-tier escrow services that you deserve.  Contact the professionals at Brighton Escrow for a hassle-free home selling or buying process.