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Beach Season is Here: The Best Beaches in OC and LAC

Nothing is better than enjoying the beaches in and around California during the summer months. Southern California has some of the best beaches for surfing, sun-bathing or enjoying the great weather conditions. Having a few ideas in mind before going to the beach will make the season more enjoyable.

Seal Beach

Seal Beach is one of the best beaches in Orange County because it has the second longest pier in California and offers a wealth of activities in and around the beach. On the pier, visitors to the beach can enjoy fishing and watching the waves. Surfing is great at the beach and the weather conditions are ideal for swimming in summer.

Will Rogers State Beach

An LA county beach that is great for walking, beach volleyball and other sports is Will Rogers State Beach. It offers amazing sunset views and a long stretch of sandy beach before hitting the water.

California has great beaches throughout the whole year. Whether it is a trip to the area for vacation or a long-term move, learning about the beaches can provide entertainment for the whole season. To learn more about the beaches in the area, contact Brighton Escrow.