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Cost vs. Value: Are you getting the most out of your home remodel?

There are ways to add value to your home when deciding on what remodeling projects to undertake. There is a new 2013 Cost vs. Value report that can guide you through some of the best values for upgrading your home.

Brighton Escrow is always searching for ways to assure you are getting the most out of your real estate. We are glad to share some of these tips for adding value to your Los Angeles area property.

For a mid-range priced home, a steel entry door upgrade proves to get the best return at 85%. While a steel door replacement may cost $1137, it will immediately add $974 to the home’s value. Other high return remodel projects for mid-range homes include a wood deck addition (a 77% return) and a garage door upgrade (76%).

For upscale homes the returns are lower, but they still add significant value. A fiber-cement siding replacement project can yield a 79% return while whole house vinyl window replacements will see an average of a 71% return.

Of course these are based on the fact that your home may be in need of these upgrades in the first place. Knowing where to upgrade your home to provide the greatest return on your investment is a great way to decide where to start. The Cost vs. Value report is an excellent guide.

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