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Essential Home Repairs to Make Before Selling


What to fix before putting your home on the market.

If you want to sell your home, then there are several things that you need to take care of before listing your property.  One important thing to take care of is making essential home repairs.  Here are some of the home repairs and upgrades you should make before you attempt to sell.

  • Structural and Mechanical Repairs

When repairing your home, structural and mechanical repairs should always take top priority.  While these types of repairs will not improve the look of your home, these are the first areas that a buyer will look at.  This is why it’s so important to check the condition of your home’s roof, heating and cooling systems, electrical panel, and plumbing.  If any of these areas are in serious need of repair, then you should consider undertaking this task.  If you do not have the time or money to make these repairs, then you can also offer buyers credit to help cover the cost of making structural or mechanical repairs.

  • Exterior Repairs

First impressions are everything, so it’s worth investing money to boost your home’s curb appeal.  Applying a fresh coat of paint, repairing cracks in your driveway, and investing in lush landscaping are all great ways to make your home look inviting.  When your home looks great on the outside, buyers will feel more positively about the property and be more likely to make an offer.

  • Kitchen Repairs

The kitchen is always a huge priority, even for buyers that don’t cook.  This is because buyers see the kitchen as the main gathering place of the home.  As such, making repairs in this area is a great way to appeal to potential buyers.  While a full-on kitchen update is probably out of your budget, making smaller repairs will go a long way.  For instance, changing the hardware on your cabinets, replacing your backsplash, and replacing your most outdated appliances are great and relatively inexpensive ways to breathe new life into your kitchen.

These are some of the essential repairs to make before putting your home on the market.  Are you looking for assistance with your home sale?  If so, then contact the experts at Brighton Escrow.  Serving the Hermosa Beach area, we are ready to offer you the top-tier escrow service you deserve.