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Fun Ways to Celebrate Oscars Night


Try out these suggestions to celebrate the Oscars.

On Sunday, March 4th, the 90th Academy Awards will celebrate the best and most influential movies of 2017.  Are you looking for some fun ideas to celebrate Oscars night with your friends and family?  Try out these suggestions to make your viewing party a little more exciting.

Movie Marathon

In the days leading up to the ceremony, invite people over for a movie marathon.  Do your best to watch all the movies that are nominated for “Best Picture.”  This will help you catch any references and jokes made throughout the ceremony.  Additionally, it will help you understand exactly why these films were nominated.

DIY Ballot

When your guests arrive, hand them a ballot for them to predict who will win the big awards of the night (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor/Actress, etc.).  Keep the ballots in a secure location for the duration of awards.  Once the ceremony ends and the winners have been announced, review the ballots and award a prize to the guest who had the most accurate predictions.

Movie-Themed Menu

Finally, every party needs some food.  For a fun yet easy menu, try serving up popular snacks that you can find at a movie theater concession stand.  Offering your guests hot buttered popcorn, little boxes of candy, and bubbly soda will transform your living room into an actual cinema.

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