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Home Renovation Ideas for Craftsman Homes


Around the turn of the 20th century, Craftsman homes were all the rage. The Arts and Crafts movement became increasingly popular in the late 19th century in Europe and eventually caught on in America. The popularity of these unique homes has remained steady, with people continually trying to update and modernize this one-of-a-kind style. Many of these homes are close to a century old and may require upgrades that help them maintain their functionality. The key is making renovations without destroying their original style and beauty.

Siding Material

If you have a craftsman home, you must be careful about the materials you use. Many professionals recommend fiber cement siding if you plan on replicating the original look of your home. Most craftsman homes were built with board-and-batten siding. Fiber cement siding looks like wood and will not fade over time. It is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance or upkeep.

Color of the Exterior

There are many color schemes that will work well with the exterior look of a craftsman home. Navy blue and bright white (or any other nautical color schemes) are ideal choices. A craftsman home will look good no matter what type of color combination you choose.

Porch Upgrade

Craftsman homes are well-known for their large wrap-around porches. The large porches were designed to welcome you home and provide you with a place to relax. Add a table and an Adirondack chair or two, and you will have an ideal place to enjoy your morning coffee. There’s enough room for a lounge, porch swing, or hammock as well. Make the space your own and include a few hanging baskets or potted plants. If you have never upgraded your home’s porch, it may be showing signs of wear and tear. Hiring a carpenter who specializes in craftsman homes is in your best interest to restore the porch to its prior glory.

Authentic Wood Cabinets

If you are planning on renovating the kitchen in your craftsman home, you will want to keep the real wood cabinets. There should be very little decoration. Keep it simple using straight lines and plain cabinet doors. If you really want your cabinets to be authentic, you may need to find a custom cabinetmaker to do the job right. Hiring a cabinetmaker will be more expensive, but the end result will be true to your home’s original style and will provide you with authentic wood cabinets.

Consult with Brighton Escrow, Inc.

Owning a craftsman home can be a wonderful experience. If you choose to renovate it, you need to remain true to its original construction and design. Contact our agents here at Brighton Escrow, Inc., and we can help you make the renovations you need to allow your home to retain its beautiful features and style. Not every home is built to stand the test of time. Craftsman homes, however, have stood for over 100 or more years. They still show the high standards used over a century ago, along with an ageless design.

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