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New Neighborhood? Things to Do Your First Month in Your New Home

Once you’ve found your dream home, here’s what you should do next.

After the hard work of finding and moving into the perfect home, you are finally ready for the best part: exploring your new neighborhood and city. To get started, here’s what you should do in your first month!

Get your bills in order. You probably had the essentials switched over already, but it’s best to check that all of your bills get sent to your new address. Put the cable, home security, and other services first.

Find your local resources. You may be missing the odd extension cord and towel rod, so now is the time to pick those up to ensure you are settled in your new home. After visiting the local hardware store, stock the fridge by visiting the nearest grocery store, and visit the local post office to have your mail forwarded.

Meet the neighbors. Neighbors are a great resource for discovering where all the local hot spots are, where to go for necessary services, and more. If you have children, this will also help them to meet local kids their age and start making friends.

Review the rules. Before you make a start on home improvements, make sure you’ve examined your homeowners’ association (HOA) rules if applicable. You may also need to check your local zoning laws before painting or doing any renovations.

Find your community online. Neighborhood or community groups on Facebook are an easy way to start following what’s happening in your new neighborhood. A subscription to the local city magazine may also help to get accustomed to services and community events. Better yet, head to your local library or coffee shop to scope out the bulletin boards for upcoming events or local businesses.

Dine like a local. Try different restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, and bars in town to get to know people, businesses, and the lay of the land. From here, you can choose your favorites and start to build a community.

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