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Why Your Kids Should Learn How to Swim Early in Life


The benefits of early swim lessons.

With warm weather here to stay, you and your family may be spending more time at the beach, pool, or near other bodies of water.  As a parent, the idea of your kids playing in the water can be very unnerving.  This might lead you to consider swim lessons for your children.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all children aged four and older should have some sort of swimming lessons.  While age four seems quite young for swim lessons, there are some distinct benefits of teaching your kids to swim early in life.

Teaching your child how to swim when they’re young is a great way to teach them water safety at an early age.  Additionally, early lessons can also help to instill a love of water and physical activity in your children.  When your kids are comfortable in the water, they are less likely to panic which will reduce their chances of drowning or hurting themselves.  Perhaps the most important benefit of early swim lessons is that they can teach children some drowning prevention skills.

It’s important to have reasonable expectations about your child’s swimming ability.  While the lessons will teach them some basics and can save them from drowning, they are absolutely no substitute for careful adult supervision.  Whether your children are taking official classes or an informal lesson in the backyard pool, may sure that there is an adult in the water with your child at all times.  This is the best and most effective way to ensure your child’s safety.

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