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Essential Home Selling Tips to Use During the Coronavirus


During the coronavirus outbreak, selling your home may seem to be difficult. However, there are many home selling tips that you can use during this time. Also, the right real estate agent will help you to make sure that you can sell your home.

Use these tips to sell your home during the COVID- 19 crisis:

Cancel Open Houses

Even though open houses are a great way to market your home; they are not recommended right now due to restrictions on large gatherings. Instead of creating an unsafe environment for everyone, it’s advisable to cancel open houses and use other methods to show your home to potential buyers.

Video Tours

One of the essential home selling tips is to ask your real estate agent if they can do a video tour of your home. People are practicing social distancing during the pandemic. However, video tours and photos can help potential buyers get a better sense of the layout of the home before they see it in person once the restrictions are lifted.


Make sure that the home is cleaned thoroughly before and after you show your home to any potential buyer. This ensures that the environment is safe for everyone. It might also be a good idea to have personal hygiene products like hand sanitizers available for the buyers to use when they visit your home.


Use teleconferencing to negotiate the contract during the house buying process. Once you have an offer, you can try to handle it digitally. Talk to your real estate agent about ways to do this. Also, there are many different options like e-signing available for this purpose.

These are just a few home selling tips that you can try. The main thing to consider is how you can make the process easier for everyone during this time. For home selling assistance during the coronavirus, contact the experts at Brighton Escrow. Serving the Hermosa Beach area, we are ready to offer you the top-tier escrow service you deserve.

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