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How to Assess a Property for Purchase on a Video Call


Touring a house on a video call has become popular now due to the coronavirus outbreak. You may want to shift to a new home if you have got a new job or your family is growing.  Taking a house tour on a video call is easy as you can do it from any location. Explore different homes and choose the best one that meets your unique requirements. Before you pick any place, here are some vital questions to ask when touring a house to make the right decision.

Ask About the Interiors

Your comfort will be determined by the quality of the interiors in the house. Ask about the condition of the flooring, whether there is any infestation of mold, how conveniently the power sockets are located, whether there are any exposed wires, and how the house overlooks the neighboring properties.

Check the Condition of the Exterior Brickwork and Garden

You may want to know how the garden is maintained. The general state of the exterior walls and their condition should also be on your list of questions when touring a house on a video call.

Ask About the Windows and Doors

You should look at these and ask if the doors and windows open and close without any difficulty, and if their frames are in good condition.

Check the Plumbing

Ask for a demo to check the pressure of the water flow and if the faucets are in working condition.

Check Other Options

You may want to know if there is an on-road parking option, good network coverage, working alarms, and scope of extending work on the property. When touring a house on a video chat, it is good to ask about the accessibility to the property and the availability of convenience stores around it.

A house tour on a video call can give you many insights into its features. Are you looking to buy a home in the Hermosa Beach area? Contact the experts at Brighton Escrow today. We are ready to offer you the top-tier escrow service you deserve.