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Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Safely with These Tips

Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Safely

Check out these holiday decorating safety tips.

The holidays are here and it is time to celebrate. Help get into the spirit of the season with the right holiday décor. However, ensure that you use caution when decorating your home. From dry, brittle Christmas trees to funky electrical wiring, use these holiday decorating safety tips to avoid any holiday disasters.

Check Your Wires.

There are lots of holiday decorations that use electricity to operate. Before plugging in any holiday lights or light-up reindeer, check the wiring to ensure that they’re safe to use. If you notice any broken or frayed wires, do not use the decoration. Replace it with a new one to reduce your risk of house fires or electrocution.

Be Wary of Candles.

Whether you’re lighting a few candles around the house for atmosphere or you’re lighting the menorah, it’s important that you’re careful about open flames. Keep a watchful eye on any candles. Never leave them unattended and keep them away from any flammable items or areas where they can easily get knocked over. That way you can reduce your risk of any accidents.

Water Your Tree.

Christmas trees are beautiful. However, real trees are flammable. Keep the tree well hydrated so that you can lessen your risk for any house fires. Look out for any dry or brittle needles. That way you can prevent a disaster before it happens.

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