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How to Save for Your Down Payment


Try out these tips to help you save for a down payment on your dream home.

If you’ve already found your perfect home or if you want to be ready when you do, it’s important that you have the money for a down payment ready to go.  However, saving up for a down payment can seem like an impossible financial goal.  Here are some little things that you can do to make saving for your down payment more manageable.

1) Set up automatic transfers. Setting up automatic transfers from your checking to your savings account will ensure that you maintain your pace of saving and might make it a little less painful to do so.

2) Set aside certain amounts of money. Another way to save is by designating certain sums of money for savings.  For instance, you should vow that all raises and bonuses you receive should go straight to your savings.  Additionally, you should also set aside your tax refund for savings as well.

3) Pay off your credit cards. Anytime you have credit card debts, you are losing money through your interest payments.  Start by paying off your credit cards with the highest interest rates and continue until all your credit card debt is cleared.  This will ensure that you have more money to add to your savings account.

4) Refinance your loans. If you have remaining car or student loans, you might want to consider refinancing them to lower your payments.  The money you save can go towards your down payment.

5) Start out fast. Jump-start your savings by adding a large sum to your fund.  This quick start might motivate you to continue saving and could help you reach your goal much faster.

Try out these easy tips to help you save for a down payment on your dream home.  If you’re looking to buy a new home this season, make sure you get the dedicated service and top-tier escrow services that you deserve.  Contact the professionals at Brighton Escrow in Hermosa Beach, California to make your home buying process a breeze.