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Is Renting or Buying Better for You?


Deciding if it’s better to rent or buy a home.

Buying a home is a very serious investment.  Oftentimes, people aren’t sure if they should buy a home when they can get away with renting.  Struggling to decide what makes more sense for you?  To help you out, here are some of the important points to consider.

  • Renting

Renting a home makes sense for a lot of people.  For instance, if you are tight on money and cannot afford to put down a down-payment, then you may have no choice but to rent.  Additionally, if you are only going to be living in an area for a short amount of time, then it’s more convenient and cost-effective to rent.  Finally, if your job or lifestyle requires a great deal of flexibility, then it’s better to rent because you are not tied down to a piece of real estate.  While you may have to break your rental lease, this still requires less work and money than reselling a home.

  • Buying

If you plan to settle down in a place for an extended period of time, then buying might be the better option for you.  This is especially true if you can afford a down-payment and have a stable income that will allow you to make mortgage payments.  If you plan to remain in an area, then buying is a smart option because you can build equity.  Additionally, if you secure a fixed-rate mortgage, then you do not have to worry about increasing prices like you would if you were renting.

Ultimately, the decision to rent or buy is dependent on your current financial situation, the stage of life you are in, and the flexibility that you need.  If you have weighed the options and decided that it’s time to buy, then  contact the experts at Brighton Escrow.  Serving the Hermosa Beach area, we are ready to offer you the top-tier escrow service you deserve.