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7 Qualities of a Good Neighbor to Look Out For


We all have neighbors, but we would like to maintain a relationship only with the good ones. How can you identify the good neighbors? A good neighbor can make you feel welcomed in a new place and offer assistance during an emergency. A neighbor’s good qualities will help you build an ever-lasting relationship with them.

Here are seven key traits that make someone a good neighbor.

1. Friendly

A good neighbor will always try to be friendly, available, and approachable. This will help you approach them whenever you need any help.

2. Quiet

One of the important qualities to look for in a good neighbor is whether they are quiet. Raising TV volume and making noise frequently can cause disruptions in a peaceful atmosphere. A good neighbor would understand this and try to be quiet.

3. Respectful

Good neighbors respect each other. This includes accepting each other’s profession, privacy, religion, and personal choices without any bias. More importantly, a good neighbor will respect your requirements and act accordingly.

4. Mature

A mature neighbor will try to understand the differences between you and them rather than exacerbating any issues or misunderstandings. A lot of problems can be easily solved if handled with maturity.

5. Helpful

One of the good qualities of a neighbor is the willingness to give you a helping hand. A helpful neighbor will anticipate all your needs can take care of your children in your absence and can collect your packages while you’re out.

6. Trustworthy

Your neighbors can be trusted when you rely on them for taking care of your children, pet, or property in your absence.

7. Tidy

A neighbor must keep their surroundings clean. They should dispose of their trash responsibly and keep a litter-free lawn or driveway. Clean surroundings will help you and your family stay healthy.

These are some of the indispensable qualities to look for in a good neighbor. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Hermosa Beach area, contact the experts at Brighton Escrow today. We are happy to offer you a top-tier escrow service.