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How Work From Home Has Changed Life Around Us


Since the last few months, a lot has changed about where and how we work. Although work from home was encouraged just to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, employees and businesses today are choosing remote work over a traditional office setup.

Let’s see how the pandemic is changing the way we work.

Reshaping the Future of Work

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to change their outlook towards work culture. The idea of having a much smaller office space appeals to businesses, as it lowers their infrastructure cost. Remote working is environment friendly, as decreased commutes lead to lower fuel emissions, and also decreases running and commuting costs.

Also, work from home increases employees’ work flexibility, allowing them to work for more hours, thereby maximizing their contribution to the organization’s growth. Therefore, several large companies would like to continue remote work even after the pandemic.

Change in Everyday Life of Employees

Remote working during COVID-19 has helped employees realize the value of home life. They can now spend time with their family and pets, thus achieving a better work-life balance. Since they aren’t constantly tethered to their desk, employees now have free time for other interests and hobbies.
Moreover, remote work provides an opportunity for employees to save transportation costs, reducing their living costs.

Missing the Human Element

Although realizing the value of home life is a positive change, many people still miss the office environment. It is easier for employees to collaborate and socialize with their team.

For employees who live alone, work from home can rob them of social contact. So these people would like to work in an office setup. However, now anyone can stay connected with others digitally from their phone or computer.

Work from home is a convenient option for companies and employees, but it remains to be seen if we shift to complete remote working in the future. For assistance with buying or selling a home in the Hermosa Beach area, contact the experts at Brighton Escrow today. We are ready to offer you the best possible escrow service you deserve.