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Five Common Home Selling Myths You Should Know


If you are looking to sell your home fast, you need to know what works and what does not. You might have come across several misconceptions that can stop you from selling your house fast. Learn the truth behind these common home selling myths and make more informed decisions.

1. Summer Is the Best Time to Sell your Home

Summer is the right time to sell your home fast, as with longer light hours and kids on holidays, people will be out and more likely to move.

However, the truth is, summers can be a difficult time to sell your home. The lawns may look unattractive due to the summer heat, and you may not be able to repair it, especially if you are trying to sell your home and move at the same time. An unpleasant yard or outdoor will undoubtedly impact your home sale.

Experts say that summer can bring in window shoppers and unqualified buyers. On the other hand, winters will bring in interested buyers, as your property will look good in 30-degree weather with snow and ice.

However, you can still sell your home when you are ready to sell, despite the seasons. An adequately priced house is suitable for sale at any time of the year.

2. Use Your iPhone for Taking Listing Photos

Your smartphone is enough to take high-quality and attractive listing photos, and you do not need to hire a professional photographer.

Even though designed to take great pictures, a smartphone camera is no substitute for a professional photographer. When taking a picture, lighting, timing, flow, and angles are important, and these factors cannot be easily controlled or mastered with a smartphone.

You can hire a professional photographer, as they can take good-quality and impressive pictures that attract buyers towards your property. They can take photos according to the size and view of your house.

3. Hosting an Open House Will Accelerate Your Home Sale

Hosting an open house is thought to be a way to sell your home fast, as it will bring in more potential buyers through your doors and encourage them to make a deal.

The truth is that open houses are an outdated option. Now, most buyers turn out to online platforms to search for homes, so open houses won’t help attract qualified buyers. Buyers can view the entire house, including its curbside, yard, aerial view, architecture, and everything, even online. Also, they can view them 24/7. So, do not waste your time and money on hosting an open house.

4. Staging a Home Empty Helps Sell It Quickly

Selling your home in a ready-to-move-in condition can attract buyers, as they do not need to wait for you to vacate and clean the house. Also, buyers can easily visualize themselves living in the home if it does not contain any things in the way, enabling quicker sales.

However, if you remove all your furniture, decors, and things, you need to clean and repaint your home. Otherwise, your house won’t look attractive. Staged homes sell faster, but you need to spend on repainting and cleaning.

5. Hire a Listing Agent

Hiring a listing agent to represent your home to buyers can help sell it fast, as they can answer the buyers’ questions and concerns and help them make an informed decision.

In reality, buyers do not want to have a listing agent around when they are touring a home. They may feel uncomfortable when someone they do not know is around during touring. You are limiting the number of possible showings by requesting a listing agent to be present at every show.

Do not rely on these myths anymore when selling your home. Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the Hermosa Beach Area? Contact the experts at Brighton Escrow today. We provide the best escrow services you need.