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Home Modifications for Aging in Place: Senior-Friendly Renovations


Adults approaching their senior years are increasingly choosing to live at home instead of in the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility. This trend was confirmed by a recent AARP survey. That means families should plan on making home improvements and modifications for seniors to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Home Modifications for Aging

One of the first steps to converting a home into a more senior-friendly environment is to add handrails to walls, stairs, and bathrooms. People can lose their balance at an advanced age, so it’s helpful to take safety precautions. Another basic strategy to help aging individuals is to replace round doorknobs with lever-style handles, which are easier to use with less energy.

Switching from traditional lights to LEDs is an effective move toward saving energy and costs with minimal maintenance issues over many years. LEDs are reliable to provide more light using less energy with greater durability than conventional home lighting.

Renovating the home to have a more open floor plan allows for better mobility through wider doorways and hallways. Removing obstructions is another key to a safer environment for seniors, especially if they use a walker, cane, or wheelchair. You may also want to replace hard floors with carpeting.

The concept of aging in place is usually more affordable than moving into a senior living community. Various programs exist to help you pay for a loved one’s senior home renovation. Some of the available funding options to explore include home improvement grants, veterans programs, and Medicare Advantage. Another option is applying for a low-interest loan.

Adding Convenience

The main theme running through home modifications for aging adults is the convenience to facilitate mobility. Installing smart technology that gives seniors control of home appliances using their smartphones allows for a more stress-free lifestyle. Motorized automated blinds limit the effort needed for making any window covering adjustments.

If you want to go a step further, install a stairlift to provide an alternative to stairs. For safety reasons, it needs light switches at the top and bottom to provide greater visibility at night.

Living Room Ideas

A primary concern should be to remove any clutter that can cause an accident. The furniture should be spaced apart so there’s plenty of room to move around. In some cases, you may want to add wheels to the bottom of certain pieces of furniture.

Definitely get rid of sharp edges or cover them with protective material. You should also remove any unstable objects. Installing anti-slip mats under rugs will also help seniors maintain balance and control walking around the room.

Other Modifications

There are multiple ideas for home modifications for aging throughout the interior and exterior of the house. The kitchen should be set up so that regularly used items from silverware to appliances are easy to access. The oven, sink, and refrigerator should all be near each other. You may want to install a stovetop equipped with smart sensors for automatically shutting off the heat.

Another modern solution for convenience is to install a faucet activated by hand movement. For maximum safety, invest in an anti-scalding device.

Bathrooms can be made safer by installing adhesive strips to shower mats and taking other measures to eliminate slippery conditions. Think about installing rails near the toilet and bathtub. A raised toilet seat allows for less energy when shifting from a sitting to standing position.

The exterior can be improved by adding ramps to entrances, outdoor LED lights, handrails, and a modern security system. Finally, you should make the home as sustainable as possible, built with eco-friendly materials.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to home improvements for aging. Contact the experts at Brighton Escrow today. We are happy to answer your questions about our exceptional escrow service.