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Check Out These Tips to Keep Pet Odor at Bay so That You Can Sell Your Home

Tips to Keep Pet Odor at Bay so You Can Sell Your Home

Learn how to rid your home of pet odor with these tips.

You love your pet. They’re part of the family after all. However, they don’t always smell like their human counterparts. Pet odor can leave a nasty stench throughout your home. While it may not bother you, it can be a major turn-off to potential buyers. Check out these tips to help remove pet odor so that you can get the buyers that you need.

De-Fur Your Home.

Pet fur and dander plays a significant role in making your home stinky. Remove the pet hair to help combat the smell. Try using duct tape to pull pet hair off furniture or try rubbing a damp rubber glove on a surface to pick up all the animal fur. The less animal fur in your home, the better off your home will be on the real estate market.

Clean Up Quickly.

The sooner you clean, the better you can avoid pet smells. Keep cleaning supplies by the door so that you can clean up in a jiffy. No need for anything fancy. Simple baby wipes can do the trick.

Deep Clean Carpets.

Before you get ready to put your home on the market, have your carpets cleaned well. No matter how much you love your pets, you have to admit they’re messy. Whether they’ve had an accident on the carpet or they’re prone to extensive shedding, a thorough carpet cleaning is a great investment in selling your home. It will remove pet fur as well as help to combat stench.

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