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3 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is just around the corner. This means warmer weather, blue skies and spring cleaning. Make spring cleaning less painful and more efficient by following these three helpful tips.

Clean the Welcome Mat

It’s no good cleaning the inside of the house when people will track in dirt from a filthy welcome mat. Make sure to clean them by brushing them and beating them until they are presentable. Also consider replacing them if they cannot be salvaged.

Wash Walls, Cabinets and Baseboards

Walls, cabinet tops, cabinet drawers, baseboards and air vents collect a surprising amount of dirt, crumbs and grime over the winter. Cleaning walls and baseboards also is a good way to inspect for cracks or other damage that needs attention. Cleaning cabinets and drawers not only makes them look better, but prevents insect infestations.

Move Big Furniture When Vacuuming

Crumbs, hair and dirt congregate around chair legs, table legs and other places where furniture meets the carpet. When possible, move the furniture over to vacuum up these messes. The indentations in the carpet will show you where to replace furniture.

If you have more questions about spring cleaning tips and live in the Hermosa Beach, California area, feel free to contact Brighton Escrow today.

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