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Tips to Getting Pre Approved

Spring time is the right time of the year to look at purchasing a new home. So you spend a lot of time looking through newspapers, internet sites and even walking new neighborhoods looking for homes that are for sale. It is important not to forget the pre-approval process when looking for a home. After all, you might just want to make an offer on one.

Tips for Getting Pre-Approved

  • Take the time to research out which lender is offering the best rates. It will save you a lot of money over the life of the loan if you can get a low rate.
  • Determine if you will use an escrow company for insurance and tax payments.
  • Work on getting your credit score above the good range.
  • Turn in all paperwork on time.
  • Keep trying. Just because you get turned down by one company doesn’t mean the next one will.

If you live in the Hermosa Beach, or South Bay or even the Orange County area, then you need to know that Brighton Escrow can work for you. Feel free to give them a call and let them answer your questions. They can help place you with the right loan and make the pre-approval process easy.

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