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The Millenials are Coming!!!

A new generation of people seeking the benefits of home ownership is making an impact in the real estate market. Millenials are moving beyond rental and are looking for their own homes to purchase, but they have new expectations that members of the older generation do not.

For example, Millenials grew up using the Internet and find using gadgets like smartphones almost second nature. At least 77 percent of Millenials want homes outfitted with the latest technology, according to a recent report by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

Rather than a second oven in the kitchen, Millenials would prefer to have a TV installed to watch as they prepare meals. They also want their homes to be customized and unique to them, rather than conventional homes favored by their parents. What’s more, Millenials consider it highly important that they live in energy-efficient homes that provide a lower carbon footprint.

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