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22% of Americans Have Never Checked their Credit Report, Survey Says

Although credit reports are available for free, many men and women have never taken the time to check on the report or look at credit scores. Credit scores play a significant role in the ability to buy a home, obtain a credit card or get other forms of credit, so it is important to keep track of the reported information.

A recent survey showed that a large number of individuals do not actually check the credit report. Roughly 22 percent of Orange County residents are likely to avoid the credit report. This is not a smart solution for South Bay residents because it can mean mistakes and identity theft are overlooked.

The best solution for any individual living in Hermosa Beach is to keep up with a credit score and regularly check a credit report. An annual report is available for free, so it is a simple way to catch problems before it is hard to fix.

Talking to an escrow company can provide more details about the importance of regularly checking a credit report. To learn more about the results of the survey or solutions when data is incorrectly reported, Hermosa Beach residents should contact Brighton Escrow.

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