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Best Restaurants in the South Bay

If you are considering buying a home in South Bay with the help of Brighton Escrow, consider stopping by one of the area’s best restaurants before making the final decision. Experiencing great cuisine could help you fall in love with the neighborhood.

Grace Deli Grill – Enjoy some of the freshest sandwiches and authentic Mexican cuisine at this cozy and simple grill. Locals love visiting this establishment for a breakfast burrito or an extra long sub sandwich for lunch.

Bar Comida – A classic tapas bar makes for the ideal dinner date, whether you are spending the evening with your spouse or a group of close friends. Sample the delicious flavors of Spanish cuisine without having to try just one dish per visit by ordering a number of small plates to find your favorites.

La Sirena Azul – An unassuming exterior hides some of the best food in South Bay. The chefs specialize in fresh seafood dishes and rich spices like saffon and cumin. Fresh salsa and generous portions help you fill up no matter how hungry you are when you arrive.

When you’re ready to choose of the many homes available in the area, contact Brighton Escrow for quick financing information.

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