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Use This Checklist to Help You Through the Final Walkthrough

Use This Checklist to Help You Through the Final Walkthrough

Get through the closing process with this checklist for your final walkthrough.

When buying a home, there are lots of steps to the closing process. From the negotiations to the home inspection, the process can be lengthy. The final step before you sign all the paperwork comes when you take the final walkthrough of the property. It’s important that you ensure that you’ve crossed your Ts and dotted your Is. Before you’re finally able to call the home yours, ensure that you’re ready for the final walkthrough. Use this checklist to help you through the process.

Come Prepared.

There are a few essential items that you should have with you when you conduct your walk through. Ensure that you come with your real estate agent, a camera and notebook, a and ensure that you have the right paperwork, including the contract and the inspection summary. That way you’re well prepared for the walk through.

Check on the Terms of Your Agreement.

When it comes to your walk through, it’s important to follow up on the repairs that were outlined in your agreement. Ensure that your repairs have been made and that you have all the necessary warranty paperwork for the home.

Pay Attention to Detail.

Despite having a home inspection, it doesn’t hurt to go through the home with a fine-tooth comb. Ensure that you check the bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen for any signs of mold or water damage, ensure all the home systems are fully functioning, and that all the windows and doors function properly.

Ensure that the final walkthrough runs smoothly. When it comes to the closing process, ensure that you’re in good hands. Dedicated service paired with top-tier escrow services are a must when closing an escrow deal. Contact Brighton Escrow for assistance! Our Hermosa Beach, California team is committed to helping you make the most of your escrow process.

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