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What Should You Ask a Seller to Fix Before Closing on a Home?


Don’t close on a home if these issues have not been fixed.

When you buy a home, it’s normal to come across issues that need to be addressed.  While you may be willing to take on some repairs on your own, there are other problems that the seller should handle on their end.  Generally, sellers are responsible for dealing with issues that could compromise the health and safety of those living in the home.  Oftentimes, these pressing issues will be identified during your home inspection.  From there, you can include these repairs in your contract to ensure that they are made before you close on your home.  Here are some of the major problems that you should ask your seller to fix.

  • Electrical Concerns

If your inspector uncovers things like faulty wiring or overloaded circuit panels, then these issues can pose a serious danger.  These problems should be addressed by the seller before you move your family into the home.  More minor electrical problems, like broken light fixtures, are things that you can handle on your own.

  • Plumbing Issues

If the home has major leaks, drainage issues, and problems with the sewer or septic system, then this is normally the seller’s responsibility because it impacts the livability of the property.  In some cases, these issues can even cause health problems for you and your loved ones.  So, make sure all these problems are totally taken care of before you attempt to move in.

  • Foundation Problems

Finally, problems with your home’s foundation are costly and quite dangerous.  To determine the severity of the home’s issues, hire a structural engineer so they can evaluate the problem.  Obviously serious issues should be left to the seller.  If the situation is particularly dire, then you might want to reconsider buying the home altogether.

These are some of the home repairs that the seller should make before you agree to close on a home.  Are you looking to buy or sell in the Hermosa Beach area?  If so, contact the experts at Brighton Escrow to get the top-tier escrow service you deserve. Serving the Hermosa Beach area, we are ready to make home buying and selling a breeze.