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Go Green for Earth Day with These Environmentally Sustainable Practices for Your Home

Go Green for Earth Day with These Environmentally Sustainable Practices for Your Home

Learn how these tips can help you make your home greener.

Environmentally sustainable practices have been trending in recent years. From driving less often to using reusable shopping bags, there are many ways that you can go green. Learn how you can make changes in your home for Earth Day. Celebrate on April 22nd and check out these ways that you can make your home more environmentally sustainable.

Maintain Your Heating & Cooling Systems.

When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling systems, they use lots of energy. Keep your home’s heating and cooling systems in the best shape possible so that you use them efficiently. Change the filters when necessary and fix any broken or leaky air ducts so that you can minimize energy waste and keep your home’s thermostat in the best shape possible.

Be Conscious of Energy Use.

From turning off the lights when you leave the room to switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs, there are many easy ways in which you’re able to lessen your energy consumption. Not only will these changes help to lessen your carbon footprint, but they can help to save you money.

Install Drought Tolerant Landscaping.

When it comes to keeping your yard in the best shape possible, routine maintenance is a must. However, frequent watering can increase your water bill. Help to reduce your water usage by investing in drought-tolerant landscaping. That way you’re best able to save money while helping to conserve your water usage.

Celebrate Earth Day and implement these environmentally sustainable practices in your home. Look for a new home with the latest in green technology. Dedicated service paired with top-tier escrow services are a must when closing an escrow deal. Contact Brighton Escrow for assistance! Our Hermosa Beach, California team is committed to helping you make the most of your escrow process.

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