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Entertaining Outdoors? Use These Tips

Outdoor Entertainment Tips

How To Take Your Summer Soiree To The Next Level

Summer is in full swing but we are about to have to say goodbye to it! If you are hoping to soak up these last bits of summer, you may be thinking of hosting your next party outside. After all, what better way to enjoy these warm summer nights in the South Bay than by gathering your favorite people for an evening alfresco? To help you take your summer soiree to the next level, we want to offer you some of our favorite outdoor entertainment tips.

  • Go Green: No, we are not just talking about working your existing greenery into your décor (though that is a great idea!). We mean using recycled plates, cups, and napkins. You do not want to bring your nice, breakable dishes outdoors anyway, and today’s recycled paper products come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your party!
  • Pop Up: You may have opted for neutral, natural tones for your outdoor area, but that does not mean you need to leave it that way for your gathering. Invest in a few colorful throws and pillows to set on your outdoor furniture for fun pops of color.
  • Let There Be Light: Make sure the sun setting on your party does not send everyone home by seeing to your lightning needs. Hang lanterns from trees and umbrellas, buy affordable, solar-powered lights to line your pathways, and use a few citronella candles to keep the bugs and the dark away.

Of course, in order to entertain outdoors you need to have a home that offers you sufficient outdoor space. If you are ready to buy a home that will support an outdoor lifestyle, contact Brighton Escrow. Serving Hermosa Beach, the entire South Bay, and the surrounding California area, we are here to ensure all of your escrow services are flawlessly executed so closing on your new home is straightforward and simple for you.

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