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Sunday is Cut Your Energy Costs Day! Here’s How to Get Involved

Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Get involved in Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10th by using these tips around your house. 

While it’s not the most public celebration, Cut Your Energy Costs Day is well worth your attention. After all, when you get involved in this day, you can help yourself save money throughout the year! January 10th is Cut Your Energy Costs Day, so we want to give you these tips to help you celebrate and save!

  • Turn your water heater down. Most water heaters get set by their manufacturer at 140 degrees F, but that’s scalding! Your home likely only needs water as hot as 120 degrees F, so turn down the temp and see your bill get turned down, too.
  • Wait until you have a full load. You’ll waste a lot of water and energy running your dishwasher and laundry with less than a full load, so it’s well worth waiting until you really need to run each appliance.
  • Switch your light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use more energy and burn out faster. Although CFL and LED bulbs cost a bit more up front, they’ll save you money on your energy costs over time.
  • Unplug. Many electronics and appliances draw energy even when they’re powered down. Save yourself the trouble of paying for power you’re not even using by unplugging appliances and electronics when they’re not in use. You can make this easier for yourself by plugging everything into a power strip so you can cut power by simply turning the strip off.

Before you can use any of these tips to cut your energy costs at home, you actually need to be in your home. That’s where our expert escrow services come in. Contact Brighton Escrow for all of your escrow needs in Hermosa Beach and the surrounding California area so that we can help you get into your next home!

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