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Finished Closing Escrow? Here Are Three Tasks Every Homeowner Should Do!

Closing Escrow Hermosa Beach CA

These three tasks need to be completed by every new homeowner after closing escrow.

So you just finished closing escrow. Congratulations! You just made a huge life move, and your reward is keys to your brand new home! Before you start relaxing in your house, there are some things you need to do. Specifically, here are three tasks every homeowner needs to check off after closing escrow to protect themselves and their new home.

  • File. After closing escrow, you’re going to get a number of very important documents. Set up a filing system right away to keep them all organized. Your files should include the Policy of Title Insurance, final closing statement, Grant Deed, payment information from your mortgage lender, and property tax information. This information will come to you in the months after closing, so make sure your system includes when you should receive each piece of paperwork. That way, if you don’t get something on schedule you’ll know to follow up.
  • Re-Key. Lots of people have had keys to your home, including real estate agents and your home’s sellers. Take the time to re-key your house so you can rest easy knowing the only people who can gain entry are your family members.
  • Organize. As a new homeowner, you have some maintenance tasks you can’t forget! Create a calendar of when you need to do certain things like swap out your furnace filter and vacuum your refrigerator coils so you can keep your home in top shape. Here’s a handy maintenance calendar example for reference.

This guide is helpful if you’ve closed escrow, but we can still help if you’re not there yet. In fact, if you require any escrow services so you can close on your new California home, contact Brighton Escrow in Hermosa Beach today! Our expert team is here to help you finish closing so you can become a new homeowner!

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